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Please do not send in requests for free guest posts. We will NOT reply to any of these emails. If you’re looking to advertise and reach our audience please check the information below. Fees are NON-negotiable. 

Win the online marketing jackpot through targeted advertising on the Gambling News Magazine.

Promote your brand with premium display ad placements

Over 80% of all gambling marketing dollars are spent online, yet most online ads are obnoxious and intrusive.

At Gambling News Magazine, we seamlessly integrate your ads into our premium content, so you get easily noticed by tens of thousands of passionate online players — and inspire them to become repeat customers. 

Targeted advertising is the key to maximize conversions.

Whether you want to encourage new players to sign up, promote an online game or a conference or event,, we will display your ads and banners on the pages that drive the most qualified traffic. This way, you get more clicks that actually convert.

Pricing starts at $1,000 / month for sponsored banner. 


Engage your future customers through powerful and inspirational content 


By 2026, the global online gambling market will be worth over $124 billions.

One of the fastest ways to gain a competitive edge in this booming industry is through content marketing. When done right, content marketing can lead to a 25% plus increase in player days on site

At Gambling News Magazine, we work with our clients on creating unique, compelling articles and in-depth studies that resonate with a wide range of gamblers from newbies to casual and die-hard players. 

We then make sure our articles are SEO optimized, so we get in front of those people that are already interested in betting or gambling online. 

And we’ll do the same for you through the content we co-create.

Our audience is hungry for content from brands that entertain, inspire and educate. Whether you have a blog post about game tactics or an infographic, we’ll help you create fully optimized content that turns prospects into loyal customers.

Editorial fees (editing and fitting your content for our niche and style guide) start at $499. 

Get in touch to find out more about our partnership opportunities. Please email: to learn more about our platform and to advertise today.

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