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Gambling News Magazine is the leading source for casino news, info, data, and analysis in the US.

Covering all branches of industry, the magazine attracts thousands of online gambling enthusiasts looking to keep up with industry trends, learn top gambling strategies or discover the latest promotions and events.

Our editorial team delivers daily world-class content that entertains, inspires and educates our audience. Our exclusive content ranges from in-depth features to industry statistics and comprehensive case studies.

As part of our commitment to producing unique content, we welcome guest posts from gaming executives and operators. 

Whether it’s a whitepaper, a blog post or an infographic, we invite you to showcase your expertise on casino-related topics on our website. We are looking for submissions that share innovative ideas and best practices to provide key insight to our readers.

Before you submit your idea, be sure to read this next section.

Editorial guidelines:

  1. Guest posts should be at least 1,000-words long.
  2. Guest posts must be original work that has not been published on any other website, forum, chat or social media network. 
  •  Gambling News Magazine reserves the right to reject any blog entry for any reason upon receipt of said content, and if necessary modify, change or adapt a piece to ensure the guest post is consistent with the site. Prior to the publication, Gambling News Magazine will make sure contributors agree with these changes. 
  1. Contributors who wish to submit an image along with an article must be the copyright holders of the image OR the image must be published under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license or in the public domain. Proof showing that the image does not infringe on copyright laws must be submitted as well. 

In addition: 

  • Images should be 300 dpi or greater (pdf, jpeg or tif) 
  • Images should be attached as a separate file 
  1. Contributors can include up to 3 images with their content, including charts, tables, and drawings.
  2. Gambling News Magazine reserves the right to substitute or alter the image in order to best fit our editorial style.
  3. Posts will acknowledge contributor authorship but will become the property of Gambling News Magazine.
  4. Submitting your idea does not make you a Gambling News Magazine associate or business partner.
  5. Make sure to submit your complete FINAL article with contributor bio and photo by the content calendar deadlines. If you miss a deadline, we will hold your article for future use. 
  6. If approved by the content team, contributions received by the 15th of the month will be published by the 15th of the following month. Contributions received by the 30th of the month will be published by the 30th of the following month. 

Types of casino content we approve:

Take a look at the topics that drive the most website traffic and make sure your article addresses a least one of them:


This incredibly popular game has now become the most played online games. Traditionally played by groups of middle-aged women and seniours, bingo has started to attract more Millenials. Why not capitalize on this trend with a guest post with tips for first-time bingo players or an article explaining how playing bingo can boost memory and attention span. 


This player versus dealer card game continues to delight both casual and die-hard players. The blackjack crowd is usually comprised of intellectuals who are constantly strategizing about how to beat the house. These readers resonate best with strategy charts, lists of secrets from professional players or interactive strategy guides.


White papers and reports are the best way to educate players and industry peers, as well as build thought leadership. Maybe you have a white paper on cryptocurrency trends and how emerging technologies like blockchain are transforming the online casino model. Perhaps you can share some practical tips on how your casino managed to solve a particular problem. All of these are examples of content that will generate a lot of attention.

Gambling News

Nothing gets read faster than newsworthy content. If you get the scoop on the roster of speakers for an important casino summit, feel free to share it with us. The same thing goes for any relevant information that is relevant and significant to the gambling community. 

Online Gambling

Many people are still apprehensive about the idea of placing bets or playing real money games over the internet. As an online casino owner, you can change their perception with a blog post like “How to spot and avoid unsafe online casino websites.” A list of benefits of online betting will also encourage new players to try it out.


Combining gambling, strategy, and skill, poker is turning into a lucrative career for more and more people. This is exactly why posts like “How much money do online poker pros make?,” “Five steps to become a professional poker player” or “How do you prepare for a poker tournament?” are guaranteed to increase your online exposure.


A game of pure chance with no sure strategies, roulette has players searching for more answers. Gamers are eager to learn about everything from how much to bet and tips on how to beat the odds, to the technology behind online roulette casinos. Why not write a guest post to help them answer some of these questions?

Slot Machine

When you say “slots,” you say fun. Slot enthusiasts are looking to be entertaining, which is why they go online to read jokes and hilarious puns about their favorite games. As a casino expert, you probably know a few; we’d like to hear them!

Sports Betting and Racing

Sports betting entails a lot more than luck. Consistently good betting decisions are grounded in extended research. A great way to get the word out about your business is through educational content for every type of sports betting fan from football lovers to horse racing fans.

Why guest posts can increase your online visibility

The global online gambling market is fast expanding; and so is the number of your competitors. 

One of the smartest ways to stand out and attract new customers is by using content marketing. In a highly mistrusted industry like gambling, players will choose to do business with those brands that take the time to answer their questions most pressing questions in the form of content.

This is what makes guest posting a powerful lead generation strategy. Studies have shown that publishing content on top-ranking sites like Gambling News Magazine can lead to a 25% plus increase in player days on-site. 

Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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