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Most Popular Card Games you should know

For centuries, human beings have been playing card games. There is lots of evidence that support games predate recorded history. Actually, there are variations of ancient games that are still played today. However, humans are always inventing new games, especially board and card games.

Card games have been there for many centuries. Being invented in the Far East, they existed in different forms for a millennium. From there, they came to the west with trading around the 1400s; the French solicited the 52-card and the four suits – clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts – that are used up to date.

While various cultures and states use different sets of card games, that system is used in many places worldwide. For ages now, families, friends, and strangers have convened around the bar tops, dining room tables, and campfires to play friendly and perhaps not-so-friendly games of cards. According to Betway, here are the most popular card games.


Hearts is one of the favorite trick-taking games, just like bridge and spades. This game is best when four players play with a regular deck of 52 cards. To play the game, all the 52 cards are distributed among the four participants. The queen of spade carries 13 points, and heart cards have one point.

Remember that, here the goal is to earn the least amount of points. This game is played many times till one player reaches a maximum of 100 points. At the time, the player attained the least points is winner of the game. If the player obtains all the 26 points, then other players are added with 26 points each.


Various games have endured a test of life and are classic for a reason. Many years after the release, this game has had different forms of digital versions that date back to the days of Game Boy Color, but now one of the most popular version is on PC.

The goal of UNO is to empty your hands of cards before everyone else. This simple aim can be impeded in various ways, either by meddling from other players or your miscalculations. It is a simple and easy game, but it makes it simple for families to play together.

Gin Rummy

As a broad category of games, Rummy revolves around the gameplay in which player melds or try to make sets – generally either three or more, of the same rank or three more suited cards in a sequence. It is also referred to as a draw and discard game in which the participants draw a card from either discard or undealt pile and throw an unwanted card. When the player’s cards are part of the meld, they go out and get points basing on what the remaining participants have in their hands. You will typically play to a set point number, usually 100.

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Various game scholars claim that originally, Rummy was a card variation on the Chinese game Mah-jongg and came up around the 1700s. The history of gin is hard to understand, though, since it didn’t gain popularity until the 1930s when the Great Depression forced families to get entertained at home. It is a more straightforward game than the bridge and more friendly like poker.


This is one of the most intricate card games. Four participants play it with two competing teams. The participants facing each other are on the same team, and the game involves various dealings. The different famous variants of the bridge are duplicate and Rubber Bridge.

The bridge is a played at two significant global level tournaments. This game is believed to have emerged from Russia and gained popularity in the rest of the world. A bridge involves bidding and acquiring maximum points.


This is the most unique of all the card games because the game allows you to play alone too. Solitaire is a puzzle-like card game, and various software versions have emerged now, but the basic rules of the game remain the same. You can win this game by arranging your cards in sequence with black and red cards alternating to each other.  The four suits don’t hold significance since what matters is the color. Various versions of this game are found in different countries such as China and the UK.


This game originated in the US in the 1930s; can be played teamed or singles. When playing, each team starts with biding a certain number of tricks, and in order to win, the team is expected to win at least that number of committed of schemes.

The main objective of this game is to reach at least 500 points. Every player is assigned 13 cards in his hands. Besides, a suit is decided by the bidder, which acts as a trump for this game. This game is played until one team accumulates 500 points.

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Spite and malice

The card game is like a solitaire card game; two or four participants can play it. Spite and malice is a card game played with three decks of playing cards, while the jokers are optional. In the particular case of more than four participants, extra decks will also be added. The Ace is ranked lowest while the queen is ranked highest; the kings are wild cards and replace other cards. In the beginning, each player is assigned 26 cards – the goal pile. The first person to move all the cards from goal to pile is the winner of the game.


The spoons is a quick card game that involves bluffing sometimes. Along with a regular playing card deck, you will require some spoons or any other object, for that matter. The main aim here is to collect four of a kind and not be the last one to select the spoon. If one player picks a spoon, other players can pick spoons too. Every time you choose the last spoon, you will get a letter from S-P-O-O-N. The one that gets the whole SPOON loses the game.


Popularly known as 21 in the casino world, blackjack is a gambling card game. This game is played against the dealer of the house. The player is assigned two cards, and the primary focus here is to score 21 or less. You can request an extra card by saying it, but if the sum exceeds 21, you are the loser. The player who has a value closest to 21 or has exactly 21 wins the game and the bidding amount. Blackjack is known to be harassed by card counters which keep track of the cards from the deck.


This is one of the most played gambling card games. The party which wins in this game is decided by the combination of obtained cards. Each player is assigned a particular number of cards, and those cards an individual bet, only if he/she thinks she/he has the best combination. If the he/she feels that his/her hand is bad, he/she can fold and quit the game. The poker game has various forms in different parts worldwide, but the basic gameplay doesn’t change.

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This game is trendy among most casinos along with 21. Poker concludes when the player asks for a show. It is time when every player declares their cards, and the winner is chosen based on the perfect combination. Being an ideal poker player involves psychological applications and luck, making it a complex and enjoyable card game.

Texas hold em

This card game is a very famous poker variant, and it involves even mathematical and psychological calculations. Like poker, this card game also consists of betting, and the player with the best combinations wins the game.

The winning party gets all the collections in the port of betting. When playing Texas hold-em, you have the chance to bet four times, therefore making it complex strategically. The game gained popularity in Texas in 1900 and later moved to various parts worldwide, including Las Vegas.


This rummy-like game is played with two standard 52 card deck and their joker cards – 108 cards. Just like Rummy, the participants look to meld cards by building hands of suited runs or matching cards. Different types of cards have various values.

The Canasta is one of the favorite card games and has different variations, such as Brazilian, Italian, Cuban, Bolivia, Chilean and British. This card game is well known for having as many rulesets as players, with many growing up learning their own older versions of the game. This has resulted in the creation of Boat Canasta and an attempt to unify the game.


This may be the most polarizing card game with numerous players bowing our as Konami add more mechanics to its already bloated roster of cards. Although there are a handful of unofficial avenues to duel people online that Konami tried to squash in the past, their rendition of the Yu-Gi-Oh game has found huge success among individuals who don’t want to fork out real-world money for their cards.

Know the above-discussed card games, and you can confidently join in a card games contest with families and friends while away time with your family or get entertained on a long journey, on a rainy camping trip, and keep your nanny company every Sunday night.

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