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3 Tips to Secure Instant Withdrawals at Online Casinos

Here are our best 3 tips to get instant withdrawals at online casinos. It's important that you use fast payment method and verifies your casino account.

Gambling over the internet can be incredibly entertaining, though what isn’t as fun is waiting for days or even for weeks to receive your winnings. Luckily though, this waiting time can be heavily reduced by knowing a few simple things about the cashout procedure at gambling sites. Do everything correctly and you’ll be able to enjoy the thrill of casino with instant withdrawals – no waiting time at all!

So how is it done? Let us break it down for you in three easy steps.

1. Choose a Casino That Instantly Handles Withdrawals

Once a cashout has been requested at a casino, this usually ends up in a queue where it sits waiting to be approved by the payments department at the site. Depending on the workload of this department, how well structured the organization is and how many people they’ve got employed, the approval time can vary greatly. Within 24 hours is a good standard, but some casinos can take up to 72 or even longer.

With that being said, there are also gambling sites that stand out from the rest as casino withdrawals are instantly handled by them. This is possible thanks to a strong focus where the entire organization has been given the building blocks required for incredibly fast cash outs. Many withdrawal requests are even automatically handled by a system that flags them as safe, reducing the workload of the payments team.

While these types of gambling sites may not grow on trees, you will be able to find the best instant withdrawal casinos listed here.

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2. Use a Payment Method Without a Transaction Time

To receive your winnings in a flash, it is not enough to play at an instant withdrawal casino. You must understand that some payment methods, such as Visa and Mastercards come with transaction times that can’t be affected by gambling sites. This is the time that it takes for your money to travel from the casino to your cashed out account once the money has been sent.

With debit cards, such a transaction time can be up to 5 bank days, which is quite a lot. Using Trustly, the time can be reduced to 24 hours or even 0 hours depending on the bank that you have.

Payment methods that don’t have any transaction time at all also include e-Wallets, such as Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, ecoPayz and MuchBetter. Once money has been sent to an e-Wallet like this, it will always be received in a flash. So, if you want instant withdrawals at a casino, these are the payment methods to use.

Do note that due to regulations, all legit online casinos have a closed loop policy in place. This means that cashouts must be done with the same payment method as the deposit was made with. In other words, if you want instant withdrawals with Skrill, you must also use Skrill as your deposit method.

3. Have Your Casino Account Verified

Playing at a legitimately licensed online casino, you will always be asked to verify your gambling account at some point. Some sites require this verification on the first withdrawal request, while others won’t bother you with it until you’ve cashed out a certain amount of money, such as €2,000.

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Regardless of when the verification kicks in, you will be asked to provide a photo copy of an ID, as well as a photo copy of a document that proves your address (for instance a utility bill). In rare instances, you will also be asked to verify the payment method that you have used; to prove that you’re the owner of it.

The point is that the verification always takes time. Even if you provide flawless documents to the casino in an instant, their risk department has to process them. I wouldn’t count on this being done faster than 24 hours at best.

This is why, if you want instant withdrawals at a casino, you should make sure that your account is verified at once. The minute you sign up to a site that you’re going to play with, send over the verification documents to be done with it. These can be conveniently uploaded under your account settings.


People are looking for instant withdrawals at casinos for various reasons. Some just hate the wait, others need fast cashouts to bonus hunt and for some it’s a matter of not being able to cancel their withdrawal request to possibly lose their winnings.

Whatever the reason is, there can be a huge difference in withdrawal times; anything from weeks to no time at all. In this article we have explained how lightning fast cashouts are possible by playing at an instant withdrawal casino; using the right payment method and making sure your account is verified.

We hope that you enjoy the read and wish you the best of luck in your gambling endeavors!

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