Online Sports Betting in the US: Laws Around the US

When playing online slots and sports betting in the US, it’s reasonable to wonder about regulations. Is it legal to play online poker in one state but illegal to in another? What games can you legally play in Texas, Illinois, Nebraska, or Florida? The list of questions goes on.

It would take us quite a long while to break down all of the gambling laws state by state. Therefore, here’s a quick overview of online gambling rules in the US – and what you need to be aware of.

Can I Legally Bet on Sports in My State?

The answer is… maybe. And that, at the moment, is a big maybe. Some states are getting more progressive. That means if you want to get into Bovada sports betting, you might be in luck.

However, as it stands, only 17 of the 50 states actually allow online sports betting right now. Out east, that’s Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa. To the west, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon all allow web betting.

If you live in Maryland, they’re entering the online betting game soon, too – so that’s 18 states in total.

Therefore, take heart – there’s a good chance you’re covered. However, many states may join them if you’re not already in a legal zone.

Bills have been introduced to bring in wider online betting laws to Texas, California, Minnesota, and Vermont.

Where CAN’T I Bet Online?

As mentioned, all bar 18 states still block online sports betting. However, some territories such as Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, and New Mexico will still let you bet in person.

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There are some states where you will not be allowed to bet on sports at all. You are out of luck if you live in Idaho, Wisconsin, South Carolina, or Utah.

It’s worth remembering that recent US legislation will enable states to decide, individually, whether or not online sports betting is allowed. The case of Murphy v. NCAA opened up a lot of doors. The only rule that applies cross-country is that of cross-state betting. You won’t be able to bet on sports in Maryland online, for example, if you live in Texas.

Is The Mood Changing?

The US is slowly softening, state by state, to online sports betting. This is excellent news for the betting industry as well as for millions of fans. Legal sports betting helps to keep money exchange visible and accountable. Regulated betting sites will become the norm, and there’s less chance for people to fall victim to fraud.

Will all states open up to betting in the future? Those holding off, such as Utah and Idaho, may not ever change their positions. However, as time presses on, it will be interesting to see how much sports betting opens up. The times are changing – and so are people’s attitudes to sports gambling in general.

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