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Five Things You Should Know About How Online Slots Work In Canada

Maybe you haven’t heard but online gaming is pretty big in Canada. That’s partly because the regulators governing all aspects of the games are a bit more relaxed than those in the US. Sure, there are guidelines and regulations but you can access just about any online casino in Canada. What makes things interesting is the mechanics behind the online slot machine programs. There is a fair deal of science at play in the complex world of online slots. In this article, we will take a closer look at what makes those gaming machines work online.

Holy Randomness, Batman!

In case you thought there was a pattern that you could eventually figure out to set yourself up for a big payout, forget that plan. Randomness is the rule and it is an essential part of every slot game that has been designed to date and will be designed in the future. It keeps the game fair and permits absolutely anyone the opportunity to win bonus spins, extra games and hit the jackpot. The art of randomness is so important in slot games that there are a lot of regulations and guidelines that have to be met and they are enforced. Besides, if the slots were fixed in any way, would you be as keen to try to win a few dollars playing online? Probably not.

The Random Number Generator (RNG)

Random Number Generator

Here’s what happens when you click the spin button on an online slot machine. A random number generator is activated which scrambles the reels. This is done with the assistance of a series of complex algorithms that have been designed to create a completely random outcome with every spin. In other words, no two players playing the same slot game will have identical results. It is designed to be impossible. Without access to the source code of a particular slot game, that is. And unless you were part of the design team, and a bit dishonest, you wouldn’t be able to get that and attempt a little bit of reverse engineering.

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No One Knows When A Payout Is Going To Happen

The use of RNG ensures that every spin generated by a click on the spin button is random and unpredictable. This is significant as it means there is no way of knowing when a payout is going to occur. This also means that the design company and the online game hosts also have no clue when a payout is going to take place. Sure, someone may be lucky enough to nail a back-to-back jackpot within minutes of playing but it also means that a player can spin hundreds of times and see nothing. Plus, once a game has been programmed to payout, there is no set schedule included in that programming language.

What Controls The Likelihood Of A Slot Win In Canada

Several variables dictate the chances of winning a slot game. First, the number of reels plays a role. Next is the number of symbols on each of those reels. Following that is the number of pay lines that you can bet on. The higher the number of variables, the lower your chances becomes of hitting a jackpot on any given spin. With this in mind, it is obvious that simpler slot games will provide more payouts but those payouts will be considerably smaller in size to compensate for the higher number of jackpots they will produce. Other factors come into play as well, but these are the main ones to note.

Understanding The RTP Stats

Online slots in Canada are generally marketed based on something called its return to player (RTP). This is a percentage value that will tell a potential player how much cash they can reasonably expect to earn back from playing a slot game during a fixed time. You will never see an RTP of 100% but you will commonly find them in the 75% to 90% range. Sometimes they are listed at a little more than 90%. The RTP tells you how much the operator will make from you. As an example, if you played a slot game listed with an 85% RTP, and you spend $100 playing, the best you will make is $85 leaving the rest as profit to the operator.

But What About The Big Jackpots?

Big Jackpots

It is possible to play online slots and finish with a lot more than you started with. That is the hook that attracts players to gamble in the first place. There is always that chance that you will invest only so much money and hit enough jackpots while you are playing that you make it all back and then some. If that didn’t happen, no one would play a slot game with an 85% RTP knowing that they will not break even. This is where the randomness of slots comes into the equation. With players attempting to hit it big, a lot of money is fed into the system. And there will be a lot of players who will do well, but the house always ends up with more.

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How Online Slots Are Designed To Attract Players

There are several different levels of slot games. Those that feature low variance and high RTP are intended for new players. It gets them familiar with playing slot games and with a few payouts occurring, it builds the confidence of a new player. Slots with more complex betting options and several bonus features are designed for more experienced players. Different players with different skill levels are attracted to the games that meet their needs and as those grow, the players move up the ladder to higher-level games. The bigger the games, the bigger the jackpots and that feeds to the excitement one gets when you start winning.

In Conclusion

In Canada, that is how the online slot game operates. They are still random but fun for entertainment purposes where you may end up winning a few extra bucks for your time. As hard as it may be to believe that the online version of slot machines would be so complex when money is involved in any form of gaming, it has to be fair for all participants and the internet-based games are treated no differently in this respect. Regulations govern this and are there to prevent cheating and to protect players and operators so everyone can have fun in a safe online environment.

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