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Here’s Why Women Play Slots Much More Than Men Do

Slot machines are no doubt a player favorite when it comes to casinos, but a recent study from Oregon State University-Cascades has discovered that the most common player doesn’t quite match the stereotype. 

The study, as reported by the university, found that those who hit the slot machines the most are actually female homeowners between the ages of 55 and 60.

The report also added that these women are likely to have some college education and an annual household income of more than $55,000.

Co-author and assistant professor of Hospitality Management at OSU-Cascades Sandy Chen said: “Most of the studies on gambling look at problem gambling, casino atmospheres or general personality and motivational traits.

“There’s just not a lot out there about why people are attracted to slot machines. “And that is surprising,” she added, “since the bulk of a casino’s revenue comes from slot machines.”

Surprising, right?

Who knew that older women would be the primary source of as much as 70% of casino revenue annually. 

Despite living in a world where women are fighting more and more for equality, it seems a lot of us are still surprised by the fact that slot machines are played the most by older women.

Yet, when women have worked for and earned their own money their entire life, why shouldn’t they enjoy a spin on the slots every now and again for a little fun? There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of responsible gambling now and again.

Here’s a little bit of insight into why we believe women like playing slot machines so much, and exactly why you shouldn’t take a second glance if you see a lady at the casino – we like them just as much as any man.


There’s such a large variety available

variety of slot games

While the majority consider table games at the casino to be full of games for rich businessmen, slot machines allow women to unwind in a way that is less pressured and much more fun.

There’s a whole range to choose from meaning there absolutely is a slot machine for everyone out there, whether you love the film Mean Girls, enjoy a day at the beach or like to play retro games. 

Old-fashioned fruit machines have now been left in the past, meaning women can pick from a shiny new set of video slots games that are complete with exciting bonuses and large payouts.

Even performing a simple online search will provide you with a whole list of slot machines based on great movies, sports, pastimes, and music – and yes, women enjoy playing the sporting variety just as much as men!

The serious amount of choice means that women can find their perfect game and also that they are likely to spend more time in the slot machines section of a casino trying out various new themes to find new favorites, too.

Women prefer social games

social slots games

It’s true – even when hitting up the slot machines, women prefer to go with a group of friends. 

Whether it’s to feel safer, less pressured, or even so they can catch up with friends while playing, women do not like to sit in silence at the casino.

But for pretty obvious reasons, sipping on a glass of wine and having a chat isn’t possible with most table games, where many gamblers often wager large amounts of money (which sometimes result in huge slots wins) and need to concentrate.

Women aren’t looking for the game with the lowest house edge like men do, they simply want to have a good time, with the possibility of winning at the back of the mind.

While men want to find a game they can beat, women often just want to play against a single dealer, aware that they might lose, all in the name of fun and a night out.


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Slots are relaxing

slots are relaxing

Women have enough on their plate going to work and keeping the family in order without having to spend any more time on taxing table games, right?

Many women simply enjoy playing slot machines because they constitute a fantastic distraction from the other causes of stress in life.

Slot games are visually appealing and designed to entertain. Many experts describe them as a ‘mental massage’- a great way to clear the mind by focusing on something else.

Nobody finds learning rules and feeling the pressure of other players relaxing – people tend to play table games to show and exercise skills.

Those who want to sit back and take a step away from real life, however, find slot machines much more rewarding.

Many of us simply don’t have the time to learn the ins and outs of every table game before hitting the casino, which is why slot machines are so popular.

They provide an experience that feels safe and non-judgemental, away from the eyes of peers. 

Simply pressing a button and letting the reels spin is just enough for those who want to dip their toe into the gambling world without submerging into a life of rule-learning and poker faces.

Women tend to enjoy this experience more as it keeps them away from the crowd and allows them to play entirely at their own will. There’s no dealer or players trying to convince you to keep betting – your game can finish whenever you’d like it to.

Winning on slot machines is fun for the mind

winning at slots games

Winning on a slot machine is often a much more enjoyable experience than winning a table game. While a dealer may express their congratulations after a long game of blackjack, slot machines burst out in color, play music, and even get a fun cartoon character to say ‘well done’.

While this all may seem a little silly and childish – there’s a science behind this approach: people, especially women, like to be appreciated and slot machines provide that feeling.

Players often feel like their slot machine wins are more deserved, too – because although machines have a house edge and a lot of jackpots are random, the player is completely in control of the game.


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Slots are available online 

online slot games

Just the same as shopping, gaming, and working – gambling has now become so much more accessible thanks to the power of the internet.

Anyone of legal age in their country can simply turn on their laptop and play a whole range of slot machine games right in the comfort of their home. 

Not just that, but women can now access these games on their smartphones and tablets while out and about, too. 

Players are rewarded with bonuses simply for signing up, with player incentives so generous that people continue to come back for more.

The ability to play anonymously online is also a huge benefit for some women who don’t want their family and/or friends to know they’re gambling.


Slot machines feel more rewarding

slot machines rewarding

Some land-based resort slots have a return to player percentage of as much as 86% while online slots can reach as high as 90%. With these figures in mind, it’s not surprising that so many females go for the slots.

After all, it’s bound to feel more rewarding than some table games – everyday women can simply sit at a machine, press a button, and have the chance of becoming a millionaire.

Casinos can afford to pay out a little when it comes to slots, which is why they’re so many people’s gambling game of choice (and why players spend so much on them).

It all goes back to the psychological element: no matter what you win on a slot machine, you feel like a real high-roller. When you’ve sat at a table, the small wins aren’t even worth announcing. 


It’s affordable

slot machines

Some women simply want to slip away for a few hours to enjoy some ME-time. In the same way as a lot of us go on retail therapy or hit the bar for a drink after work, some women just want to take a few spins on a slot machine.

Those who are able to gamble responsibly will always find slots the most affordable way to spend in a casino.

There’s no pressure to keep putting wads of cash down as it might happen at table games in land-based resorts – instead, women can sit in solitude with a handful of coins and manage their money.

The small minimum wagering amount on slots makes it easy for women to play for hours and spend very little.

That’s also why it’s so fun, less pressure on players means more time to play a long-lasting and enjoyable game. 


Games are shorter

slots machine games

The truth is, a lot of women simply don’t want to spend hours at a casino table. It can get monotonous, and ladies often have a ton of things they could be doing during that time.

Women tend to get frequent, short bursts of free time which is where slot games come in handy – they’re fast, fulfill the need to gamble, and can pay out winnings pretty quickly.

It’s safer to walk away from a slot machine than any other game if something pops up, too – no need to wait for a dealer to complete the game (although you run the chance of missing out on winnings!)

Being able to find your feet with a game and play quickly for the best outcome is highly attractive to busy female gamblers.


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Women tend to spend less

slots games

Historically, men seem to be the bigger risk-takers when it comes to gambling, spending much more money for the chance to win big than their female counterparts.

Women tend to gamble a little more responsibly, which often means choosing pre-determined wagers to prevent themselves from getting caught up in the excitement.

This is exactly why slot machines seem perfect to some women – they can keep calm and stay in control of the game to make sure they don’t lose (too much) money. After all, slot machines often grip players in an emotional way, which is exactly why gamblers can sit playing for hours.

It’s also likely that slot machines are so popular in the 55-60 age group because women don’t tend to gamble until they’re older and have developed a financially secure lifestyle.

On the flip side, generational behaviors are constantly changing and younger women now tend to prefer sports betting or horseracing to slot machines – so maybe we’ll see a change in the trend in the coming years.


The bottom line

There’s no mistaking it – slot machines are one of the most popular games in casinos all over the world. There’s a huge demand for new games all the time, and nothing quite beats the impact of a good slot machine.

That’s definitely why so many women reach for them later on in life, because no matter a player’s budget, time constraints, or knowledge of gambling, slots are always there to provide a good kickstart in the casino.

With simple rules, bright colors and appealing music, there’s no wonder slots are so many people’s game of choice. 

Whether it’s a fun movie theme, the winning feeling, the ease of play, or the convenience of gambling online: slot machines, both online and in land-resorts, seem to have it all for females in 2019.

Next time you’re in the casino, say hi to the unlikely players, they may just be looking for a chat over a game to make them feel more welcomed and comfortable.

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